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OfM RoundTable Discussion with Peter Defty and Jeff Browning

Just before Western States, Jeff Browning & I sat down with Peter Defty from Vespa to discuss our approach to fueling and use of Vespa throughout our training and on race day. Here is a description of the episode...

A few days before the iconic Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run I had the opportunity to record a round table discussion on all things OFM with elite mountain ultrarunners, Jeff Browning, Peter Mortimer. This includes metabolic test data that confirms their success is based upon a fat fueled physiology!

Despite Jeff entering his 50's and Peter his 40's they WIN races. Jeff recently won and set the course record for the Scout Mountain 100 Mile while Peter won the HURT 100 earlier this year. As you will learn in this video one of the main reasons for their success is OFM.

As Jeff and Peter share their personal journeys to optimal fat metabolism yours truly provides the context and scientific basis to give you "The Why" to understand how OFM is the pathway to attaining the higher health and peak performance athletes like Jeff, Peter and so many others enjoy!

Click here to watch the video or listen to the podcast to start your journey to higher health and peak performance now!

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